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Winter Classes

The 2021-2022 Winter Classes have been completed.

We will update you when registration is open for 2022-2023 Winter classes.

Program Description:

Every class will be 2 hours long. The 1st hour will be baseball instruction (pitching, hitting or infielding), with our professional and collegiate staff. The 2nd hour will be physical training (speed, strength and endurance), with head strength coach Sam Keller. 

Our 4:1 player to coach ratio allows our instructors to really get to know each player and to help each individual achieve their goals in a personalized way. If you're looking to get hands-on and personalized instruction from professional coaches in a competitive environment, this is the program for you!

Players are not required to attend every class, but each week and month will build off the last. Classes in October start with a focus on the fundamentals and mechanics of each skill. They will progress to the mental side of the game and how to apply the mechanical lessons in more game-like situations. In the last 2 months, the hitting and pitching classes will combine and they'll face off in the cage to prepare for the HS season.

If you have any questions feel free to call at (414)332-3188.

Winter Class Schedule- 2021/2022 Schedule (Oct. 25-Apr. 15)

Monday Wednesday Friday
10-11 Year Olds 5:00-7:00PM 6:00-8:00PM 5:00-7:00PM
12-14 Year Olds 6:00-8:00PM 7:00-9:00PM 6:00-8:00PM
High School 7:00-9:00PM 5:00-7:00PM 7:00-9:00PM
High School 8:00-10:00PM 8:00-10:00PM 8:00-10:00PM

*** IMPORTANT NOTE: Classes will lock out 3 days prior to taking place so MBA can properly staff each class.   Please make sure you sign up in time each week so you can participate at your desired times***



Winter Classes run three days/week from late October until March. We want to give you as much flexibility as possible, so you can sign up for multiple sessions and finish them as quickly or as spread out as you like! You will just need to use them before the last class on April 15th before they expire.

1 Session: $100.00 ($50/hr)

5 Sessions: $395.00 ($39.50/hr)

10 Sessions: $620.00 ($31/hr)

20 Sessions: $995.00 (25/hr)

30 Sessions: $1290.00 (21.50/hr)

40 Sessions: $1480.00 ($18.50/hr)

50 Sessions: $1625.00 ($16.25/hr)

60 Sessions: $1830.00 ($15.25/hr)

70 Sessions: $1995.00 ($14.25/hr)

80 Sessions: $2160.00 ($13.50/hr)